‘net Work started off as a blog primarily focused on metacognitive skills—thinking about how to think and learn as a network engineer. Over time, it has expanded somewhat into technology, including standards and research. What you will not find here is product reviews, how to configure things, or just about anything CCIE level. There are plenty of other places you can get that kind of information on the ‘net. What you will find here is thoughts on metacognitive skills, such as mental models and processes, thoughts on network design, the industry at large, the future of network engineering, and information about research and standards.

The general thesis is that if we can learn how to think (metacognition), good habits, and a wide range of basic knowledge, we can—

  1. Get off the technology nightmare-go-round
  2. Learn to be real engineers who can address problems, rather than being vendor chasers

Why rule 11? Rule 11 is explained here.

Why ‘netWork? Because it’s all about working on the ‘net.

While I don’t pretend to have all the answers, I have been around long enough to at least help you ask the right questions. If you have questions, feel free to contact me here or on LinkedIn.